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    Welcome to level 2

    Here you will find the information necessary to follow this course in the trimester 2010-I.  I can tell you that YOU WILL LEARN A LOT AND WILL ENJOY THIS COURSE.

    Calendar trimester and course schedule.

    Our course starts on Monday January 11th and ends on Wednesday March 24th, 2010. Our classes are Mondays and Wednesdays from 12 to 2 p.m.

    Course materials:

    1. Touchstone 1 (students' book): Units 5 to 8

    2. England

    3. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table


    Reading comprehension activities for King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table


    Chapter 1: Arthur and Merlin


    a) Complete the following sentences with words from this list: Igraine, Merlin, Arthur, Uther, Sir Ector, Sir Kay


    The great magician was called…………

    Arthur was the son of ………….and………………..

    He was given to ……………when he was three days old.

    Sir Ector had his own son called……………..

    …………… became king by pulling the sword out of the stone.


    b) Put the following sentences in order (number them)


    Merlin help King Uther to marry Igraine.

    Merlin told the Archbishop to call the knights to London to find the new king.

    King Uther loved Igraine but she did not love him.

    Igraine and Uther had a baby boy and gave him to Merlin.

    Young Arthur pulled the sword out of the stone easily.



    Chapter 2: The Round Table


    1. Who did Arthur and his knights fight? (p. 5)

    2. Who was Guinevere? (p. 6)

    3. Where was Arthur and Guinevere’s party? Why? (p. 6)

    4. Why did Merlin make a round table? (p. 6)



    Chapter 3: The Sword, Excalibur


    1. Who was Queen Annoure? (p. 7)

    2. What did she want? (p. 7)

    3. How did Arthur escape from Queen Annoure’s castle? (p. 7)

    4. Why did Sir Pellinore attack Arthur? (p. 9)

    5. Why did Arthur need another sword? (p. 10)

    6. How did Arthur get his new sword? (p. 10)

    7. What was peculiar about Excalibur? (p. 11)


    Chapter 4: Morgan le Fay


    1. Describe Morgan le Fay (p. 11)

    2. Where did Arthur leave his sword? (p. 11)

    3. What was strange about the ship Arthur found? (p. 11-12)

    4. Who was Sir Damas? (p. 12)

    5. Who was the knight Arthur had to fight with? (p 13)

    6. Why was he fighting with Arthur? (p. 13)

    7. What did le Fay do when she visited Arthur at the nuns hospital? (p. 15-16)

    8. Write a brief summary of pages 16-17 (last tuw paragraphs of chapter 4)

    Chapter 5: Vivien and Merlin


    1. Why did Merlin come to say goodbye to Arthur? (p. 18)

    2. How did Vivien deceive Merlin? (p. 18-19)


    Chapter 6: Sir Meligrance


    1. What was Queen Guinevere’s plan for that beautiful day? (p. 19)

    2. Who were the twenty men that attacked the queen’s party (=group)? (p. 21)

    3. Why did Sir Meligrance want to take the queen to his castle? (p. 21)

    4. What happened to Lancelot when he tried to rescue Queen Guinevere? (p. 22)

    5. Write a brief summary of the end of this chapter (pages 23-24)


    Chapter 7: Sir Tristam


    1. The name Tristam means… (p. 24)

    2. Tristam was the son of Queen…. and King… (p. 24)

    3. What happened to his Mom after he was born? (p. 25)

    4. What was the new Queen’s evil plan? (p. 25)

    5. Did she succeed? (p. 25)

    6. What did Tristam ask his father? (p. 25-26)

    7. Who was King Mark? (p. 26)

    8. Write two lines about what happened between Sir Marhaus and Tristam. (p. 26)

    9. Who was Isold? (p. 27)

    10. How did Isold help Tristam? (p. 27)

    11. Who was Sir Palamides? (p. 27)

    12. Who married Isold? (p. 28)

    13. How did Tristam die? (p. 30-31)

    14. How did Isold die? (p. 31)


    Chapter 8: The Grail


    1. Who was Sir Galahad? (p. 32)

    2. Write about Sir Galahad’s life in four lines. (Chapter 8)

    3. What was the Grail? (p. 32)



    Chapter 9: King Arthur Dies


    1. What was Sir Mordred’s plan? (p. 35)

    2. Who was Sir Gawin? (p. 35)

    3. What happened to him? (p. 35)

    4. How did Sir Mondred die? (p. 37)

    5. Who wounded Arthur? (p. 37)

    6. What did Arthur ask to Sir Bedivere?

    7. Why didn’t Bedivere obey Arthur? (p. 37-39)

    8. What happened when Sir Bedivere threw Arthur’s sword into the lake? (p. 39)

    9. Describe Arthur’s last moments before he died. (p. 39)


    Vocabulary: On your own or with the help of a dictionary define the following words in Spanish or English.



    knight, castle, archbishop, helmet, queen, sword, stone, fight, dangerous, brave, poison, nun, king, evil, scabbard, angry, afraid, suddenly, kill, die.


    Final activity:


    Write a summary of ten lines about the book King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table



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